Marital Separation Agreements (26 type of issues Separation Agreements can address)

  Separation Agreements This website provides a basic understanding of the laws regarding divorce, and how those laws play out in the Maryland Court System. However, it is always possible that the issues incident to your divorce can be resolved outside of the legal system. It is preferable and less costly if the spouses resolve their differences by way of an agreement; commonly called a Separation Agreement. If you and your spouse are able to resolve the issues relating to their marriage (either on your own or through the assistance of your attorneys) then the terms of that resolution can be written into a Separation Agreement. An attorney cannot represent both parties in preparing a Separation Agreement and it is wise for each spouse to retain his/her own attorney to represent and negotiate the various terms within the agreement. A Separation Agreement is treated as a contract. If someone fails to abide by the terms of the contract, then the Courts can hold that person accountab